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Committed to improving patient care and providing high quality information to the medical and broader healthcare community

Independent Medical Education Grants

As part of Clovis Oncology's mission to further the advancement of medicine and healthcare, Clovis Oncology provides educational grants that are intended to foster increased understanding of scientific, clinical or healthcare issues that contribute to the improvement of patient care in the disease states in which we focus.

Charitable Donations

As part of Clovis Oncology's mission to serve patients, Clovis Oncology makes donations to qualified non-profit organizations for the following purposes:

  • The support of science, technology, medicine, healthcare or education, patient care or advocacy; or
  • Education of the public on disease states, medical conditions, science or technology; or
  • In furtherance of other genuine philanthropic and charitable purposes that are consistent with Clovis Oncology's scientific and disease interests.

Investigator Initiated Trials

Investigator Initiated Trial grants support independent, investigator-initiated and collaborative research designed to advance scientific knowledge of disease state, patient populations, and medical treatment in alignment with Clovis Oncology's clinical and nonclinical areas of interest.

To submit a funding request, please click here to access our online portal.